Monday, June 27, 2016

Mt. Cheaha - Part Two

Part two of our Mt. Cheaha post includes the trail that was most difficult for us.  But also the BEST view ever at the end of the hike.  Here, Gray decided that she could not go any further and would just wait for us to return.  This only lasted until we got out of sight around the corner, and then she came running after us.  Lots more pictures to share here.

Pulpit Rock. . .



Some people in my family are not afraid of heights.  I am not one of those people.  I'm not necessarily afraid of heights, but I'm not going to push my luck like others I know.






I have one more part to share in the next day or so.  We also hiked to three different waterfalls outside of the park.  At that point we were all exhausted, but we kept going.  It was worth it.


Sunday, June 26, 2016

Mt. Cheaha - Part One

Way back on Mothers Day Weekend, Bobby, Gracyn, and this mom went to Mt. Cheaha.  I lived in Alabama for 40 years and am just now starting to actually explore our beautiful state. 

Mt. Cheaha did not disappoint.  On this trip I realized that I really enjoy hiking and the beauty of nature, and that I am incredibly out of shape.  Gracyn was such a good girl, she never complained of being tire or hot like her mom.  She really enjoyed herself.

I don't have a ton of words for this post, but SO many pictures to share that I will be doing several post to include them all.  Mt. Cheaha is beautiful. . .see for yourself.

Bunker Tower on the highest point in Alabama. . .



Near the restaurant in the park. . .

Bald Rock. . .







Saturday, June 4, 2016

Life Lately

What have we been up to?  After a couple months of celebrating the kids growing a year older, we were still busy bees.  Today is the very first Saturday morning in a long time that I am able to just sit down in the kitchen and relax.  Another school year has come to an end, we had a great Memorial Day holiday at the beach, and the Summer temps have shown up with a vengeance.

At the end of April we were able to celebrate our dear friend Scott's 41st birthday.  His wife Kim planned a surprise party for him, and it worked out that we could make the trip, and it was SO much fun!

We are all excited for warmer weather that allows us to get back onto Lake Tuscaloosa.  Excited enough to make grown adults take selfies to post on the blog. :)

For Mothers Day weekend we went to Mt. Cheaha.  That's a post or two in itself.  It is BEAUTIFUL.(Coming Soon)

Motion night in May was #OneBigParty.

Sundays are the best days.

Becklie and Gray ready to head out on an afternoon ride in the jeep.  We have really been soaking up the outdoors.  Now it is almost too hot to enjoy.

Remember I now have a driver.  My days of driving kids to school in the morning are long gone.  But it is still so strange to watch them get in the truck and leave.  Alone.

More Lake fun.  Sunset boat rides are my favorite.


May was just an exciting busy month for us.  Bobby and I went to a beautiful wedding.  We had our younger cousins high school graduation on that same day.  We had a spur of the moment trip to the beach for Memorial Day.  Two last day of school picture opportunities.  Exams.  Spring Training for Football.  And lots of other little things in between.

Oh yeah, Bobby and the kids have been fishing like nobodies business.  And Gray has a gift for capturing the beauty of it on her snap chat story.

And just like that it's June.  We will celebrate 21 years of marriage this month.  My mother-in-law has a birthday this month.  Tanner starts Summer work outs this month.  I start a new small group this month.  And the lazy days of Summer are in full swing.


Thursday, May 12, 2016

Party Like its 2016

Our Millennium baby turned 16.  He is doing a great job driving so far.  We celebrated a little bit back here on his actual birthday.

He invited a few friends over, and the family came to celebrate this boy's sixteenth birthday.
I decorated the place up with a driving theme.



This was my first time to ever use cake sparklers.  They were AWESOME!  I don't know that I ever want to have cake without them again.

We also sent up a few sky lanterns.




We really enjoyed celebrating Tanner.  He is a handful, but oh how I love him!


Monday, May 2, 2016

Tanner is Sixteen

Tanner is SIXTEEN! 
On April 26, 2000,  just a few short years ago, this boy made me a mom.  People always tell you how fast kids grow up, it is SO TRUE.  Painfully true.

I want time to slow down or just freeze, and at the same time I am so proud to watch this baby boy grow into a young man.  He may tend to have a smart mouth, be really annoying, and aggravate the mess out of his sister, but I love him just the way he is.

He woke up bright and early on Tuesday the 26th and went with his dad to the DMV to take his drivers test.  He made a 96/100.  And just like that he's a licensed driver!
He took the test in my car rather than his truck simply because it's easier to park.

After the test, the boys dropped by and switched vehicles with me at the office.
Then he was off on his own for the first time headed to school.  Bobby was so sweet to take pictures of his first time out.  He knows me well.  And I think he may have been feeling the ache a little himself.
It is so scary to let them go out on there own.  The emotions are overwhelming. 

And there he goes.

The birthday boy requested breakfast for dinner, so we headed out to Ihop and met his Nana and Paw Paw for some chicken and waffles.


Gray wanted a picture with him so bad on his birthday, but I could not get him to cooperate no matter what I said or did.  I am hoping that this phase of being mean to his little sister will pass quickly.


You bring such joy to our family.  You are so funny.  Currently you are going through Spring Training with the football team for the first time.  Junior year is right around the corner, so it looks like you will keep us busy on Friday nights this fall.  I can't wait!  You are so excited to finally be able to drive, and just go over to your friends houses to hang out or play basketball.  You do a lot of really annoying impersonations, and have these crazy voices that you use that make us all absolutely insane.  You love to fish, and would go every single day if you had the time.  You have several yards that you are cutting this Summer to earn a little extra money.  And you are doing a great job so far.
I love you so much Tanner Ryan!
You are my sunshine. :)